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The automobile industry plays an important part in the economic activities of all countries. Moreover, it’s also appreciated as the essential sector of the global economy. Generally, industrial countries are able to apply their accessible resources and advanced technology to manufacture vehicles. That enables these countries to create much more jobs, enhance the quality of life and drive the country’s economy forward. 

Nigeria can’t afford being left behind in the global pursuit of industrial enterprise and economic relevance. The country has set up numerous native automotive assembly and manufacture plants. Moreover, the government has adopted favourable laws along with tax policies to encourage the national auto industry to develop.

Assembling of cars here in Nigeria is almost impossible due to unavailability of materials and funds.

When you really think about it, this is a pretty good question. In fact, maybe it can best be answered by posing a similar question — can you walk around the world?

The answer? Sure you can, just point yourself east, or west, put one foot in front of the other and you’re on your way. At least that’s the simple answer. But what about food, water, shelter and even walking shoes? What do you do when you lose your hat in a sandstorm in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, or have fend off mounted bandits in Outer Mongolia armed only with a battered umbrella? Yes, these are points to consider before setting out on a round-the-world journey.

How To Build 4wheel Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Car Using Arduino

Assembling your own car runs along the same lines, only the adventures happen in the driveway and bandits are usually thin on the ground. But given time and care it’s possible — the build just has to be taken one step at a time.

Today there are a number of companies offering kits to modify existing cars into custom vehicles — think of using an old Pontiac Fiero as a donor vehicle for a Ferrari lookalike. Others offer a selection of parts and accessories to make a one-off mongrel machine that nonetheless looks like a custom touring car straight from England’s Lakes District. Variations abound. Or a person can begin fabricating the car literally from the wheels up if he or she chooses.

Engr Ojo , Engr Alex ( The Brains Behind this Technology )

Getting Started with the Car Assembling

Most people who assemble their own cars begin small, with something like a kit car or a modified Volkswagen dune buggy. They’re also usually mechanically inclined, have access to tools, and most of all, they’re passionate about building the perfect car — just like Steve Graber.

Meet my young Nigeria Talent boy like Steve Graber who build a customized Vehicle using local made materials this Young engineer name is engr. Ojo, the project took him approximately six months to accomplished. This Is just one out of million ideas if only he can get sponsors to help him do more.

Design Stage of the Car

Finishing Stage of the Car

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