Brand Analysis Assignment

Assessment Task Detail and Instructions:
An Individual project report on a brand of your choice. The brand must only currently be available in a limited amount of countries or a particular region and must have a physical market offering/s. The case study should be between 4000 and 6000 words (with 6000 words being the maximum) and must be completed individually.
The assignments must contain the following components:

Part 1) Brand Analysis

Brand Introduction
Brand Portfolio / Availability
Brand Elements
Brand Equity (Keller’s CBBE model)
Brand Mantra

Part 2) International Market Analyses

SLEPT analyses of 3 culturally distinct markets which the brand could potentially enter
Competitor analyses for each market

Part 3) Strategy for Market Entry

Selection and justification of new international market to enter
Recommended market entry strategy
Recommendations for standardization or Adaption (Marketing mix framework)
Intended Points of Parity (POP) and Points of Differentiation (POD)
Presentation) Range and quality of sources, use of Harvard style referencing, clarity of writing and presentation, quality of discussion

Remember to integrate the academic models and theories into your project by applying them to the brand case. You will need to appropriately reference to these models using Harvard referencing style – in-text and in the final reference list.

You are encouraged to use (appropriately image referenced) images and figures to help you illustrate your case study.


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