CUSTECH Staff who Invent Artificial Intelligence Smart Stick for visually impaired

“Meet a talented former student of Kogi State Polytechnic and current staff member at the Conference University of Science and Technology, Osara, Kogi State. He showcased his remarkable invention, the Artificial Intelligence Smart Stick for visually impaired individuals, during the 4th combined convocation ceremony at Kogi Poly.”

“Abdulrahman Raji, a graduate of Kogi State Polytechnic in Lokoja, Nigeria, has innovated an Artificial Intelligence smart walking stick, a device designed to assist visually impaired individuals by detecting obstacles in their path.

In an interview during the 4th combined convocation of Kogi State Polytechnic, where over 12,000 students graduated, Raji expressed his concern for the challenges faced by people with disabilities in their daily activities. His motivation to invent the device stems from the difficulties visually impaired individuals encounter in navigating their surroundings.


Raji, a computer scientist and ICT officer at Kogi State Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH) in Osara, explained that the smart walking stick uses embedded systems to detect obstacles, enabling visually impaired users to avoid collisions and navigate safely.

Additionally, Raji highlighted his other inventions, including an artificial gatekeeper that uses motion detection to notify homeowners of intruders in their absence. He also mentioned a computer surveillance system that enhances traditional CCTV cameras by capturing images, detecting suspicious activities, and sending alerts to the property owner.

The innovative scientist emphasized the potential of his research to address issues such as flooding and crime prevention if adequately supported by the government. Raji called for the establishment of research and innovation centers, urging both state and federal governments to empower technologically inclined youths to contribute to the country’s development.

He expressed confidence in the abundance of talented youths in Kogi State, ready to showcase their ideas and contribute to solving environmental and security challenges. Raji invited interested parties to contact him at +234 806 003 1382 for further information.”


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