Mobile Intelligent Automatic Covid19 Disinfection Machine

Mobile Intelligent Automatic Covid19 Disinfection And Sanitation Machine

Our disinfection tunnel is a special construction consisting of an aluminium structure with roof and sidewalls, which is equipped with a nozzle system also this tunnel consist of two Chambers where you can sanitize your hand and measure your body temperature before you proceed to the second chamber where the stainless steel nozzle line is connected to an external pumping station, which directs the disinfectant into the individual nozzles. These ensure the dispersion of the disinfectant into many tiny particles, which form a very fine mist that settles on all surfaces such as clothing, shoes or other objects in the tunnel.

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Features :

1) Infared human body temperature measurement
2) Smart Display
3) Intelligent spray disinfection
4) High temperature alarm
5) Smart sensors
6) Stop operation when people leave

Applications :

1) Tertiary institutions
2) Private and commercial companies
3) Cinema houses
4) Hospitals
5) Shopping malls etc
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The machine Prototype ( Previous Version )



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