Fire Detection System Using Arduino and Flames Sensor

Arduino Fire Detection System Using Flames Sensor, LED and Buzzer

Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to use a fire sensor with Arduino.

The required Component kits are :                                                     





There are 4 pins on the digital sound sensor. but i use 3 pins flame sensor which They are :

  1. AO-Analog pin
  2. GND-Ground pin             ✅✔
  3. VCC-positive power pin   ✅✔
  4. DO-digital output pin      ✅✔

There are two legs on a LED. The longer leg is positive and the shorter leg is negative. A buzzer has similar legs. The steps to setup hardware are listed below:

  • Connect “VCC” pin of the sensor to 5V pin on the arduino.
  • Connect “GND” ground pin to GND pin on the arduino.
  • Connect “AO” analog output pin to any analog or digital pins on the arduino.In this tutorial I connected it with A2
  • Connect longer LED leg to pin 13 on the arduino. If you want to use anyother pin on the arduino, you need to use a 220 ohm resistor.
  • Connect shorter LED leg to GND pin on the arduino.
  • FIx buzzer on the breadboard.
  • Connect longer buzzer leg to pin 11(or any other pin) on the arduino.
  • Connect shorter buzzer leg to GND pin on the arduino.

The setup is complete. Now, upload the code and enjoy.

Check out the tutorial

Sources Code

const int ledpin=13; // ledpin,flamepin and buzpin are not changed throughout the process
const int flamepin=A2;
const int buzpin=11;
const int threshold=200;// sets threshold value for flame sensor
int flamesensvalue=0; // initialize flamesensor reading
void setup() {
void loop() {
flamesensvalue=analogRead(flamepin); // reads analog data from flame sensor
if (flamesensvalue<=threshold) { // compares reading from flame sensor with the threshold value
digitalWrite(ledpin,HIGH); //turns on led and buzzer
delay(1000); //stops program for 1 second
digitalWrite(ledpin,LOW); //turns led off led and buzzer



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