Development Of 3rd Eye Mobility Aid for Blind People

Development  of Artificial Intelligent  3RD Eye Mobility Aid for Blind People



With the scope of electronics increasing day by day, the need for utilizing these advanced technologies to make human lives simpler is becoming more and more necessary.

The demand for using these technologies to make lives easier for disabled people is also increasing. This has prompted many new areas of research and one of the areas is electronic mobility aid for blind people.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 285 million people of all ages are blind, which is significantly a large number .

Traditional mobility aids include the white stick and the guide dogs which take a lot of time getting used to. There are a few smart systems available in the market which uses electronic sensors mounted on the cane but those systems also have certain disadvantages.



Hi-tech mobility for the blind and visually impaired 3RD EYE was designed to provide a handheld, lightweight and compact supplement to traditional canes for the blind.

It is a small, extremely sensitive electronic mobility aid that senses obstacles and alerts the user by emitting audible or vibrating signals (or both.)

Using an ultrasonic emission similar to the cone of light of a flashlight, can recognize obstacles up to a distance of 9.35 feet (2.85 meters) away and announce them to the user via an audible or vibrating signal.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: 3RD EYE is intended as a complement to traditional canes for the blind, not as a replacement. While 3RD EYE recognizes obstacles in your path, it cannot detect drop-offs such as curbs.

A special Escape mode enables the user to locate small gaps such as door entrances or passageways through a crowd of people (again the user can choose between audible or tactile feedback.)

First Experiment


Second Experiment  Using Four Sensor



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